Too Angry to Space
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Developer: Andrzej Chrzanowski vel. ak84c
Started: September 2014
To be:8 August 2016
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Who am I?

I am a young-hearted designer who doesn't have a formal studio yet. Too Angry To Space is my first serious project and I've done every single part of it except from graphics which was made by my friend.



Too Angry to Space is a 2D, platform, shooting game with robots, aliens and lots of explosions.

I wanted to combine some games from my childhood, so the shooting is just as important as jumping on the platforms. I tried to simplify controls like in old games where only a joystick was needed to play. Despite the huge nostalgia to old games, I know that games have changed. So I implemented in TATS the auto-save system and I tried to find a balance between hardness and dynamic action.



Aliens didn't only kill your comrades, they also took control under all the robots. How not to get angry?

Be angry, cause anger is good. It kicks up your effectiveness and speed. Use four types of classical weapon to kill all enemies on your way. Clear the way through the level of space station to get shuttle and comeback to the earth.

May the anger be with you!



  • nice retro graphics
  • old-school dynamic action
  • intuitive controls
  • inteligent autosave